(Reserve Currency)²(Decentralized)

O2 DAO is built on top of Olympus DAO to provide better stability and returns to OHMies.

Staking Rewards

(O², O²) is the new (3, 3).

Rebase rewards are juicy. What if there's another rebase system on top of the already successful OHM(3, 3)? Introducing (O², O²), a staking and rebase mechanism utilizing OHM working together as a flywheel.


OHM is our backing asset


OHM has proved itself over time that its market is very stable


OHM has a very healthy growth in terms of market capitalization, communties and DeFi participations.

OHMies Stronger Together

O2 DAO brings values to OHM and it turn, it brings values to us.


Fair. Transparent.

No VC or Seed Funding

Whitelist Approach

Open Source Contracts

Treasury 100% used for reserve